The Ending (Spoiler)

The ending of the Half Bad trilogy is talked about A LOT and some people think that Nathan has committed suicide and is dead. I never intended the end to feel like a suicide and that is not my view. My interpretation is more hopeful…

At the end of the trilogy Nathan turns into a tree. A tree is a living thing and so Nathan is definitely alive. However, he is deeply wounded by all he’s been through and is grieving for the loss of Gabriel. Nathan has killed people and seen people being killed. He’s still very young and is traumatised by his experiences and he needs time to come to terms with what he’s been through.

While Nathan is a tree he is vulnerable. Celia understands this and is with him at the end of the story. She guards him, talks to him and just stays close to him. Celia was with Nathan at the start of the story and remains with him at the end. She was given the task of being Nathan’s teacher and guardian and she won’t ever give up those roles. The only other point of view we hear in the trilogy is that of Celia, which shows how important she is to the story and to Nathan.

At the end Nathan has almost unlimited witchy powers. He knows that the source of his power is something to do with the earth and being physically in contact with it. As a tree his roots go deep underground, and he hopes to join with that power to help him recover and perhaps to tap into even greater strength. Gabriel is in the earth where Nathan’s roots reach, but what happens there between them is a mystery even to me. I feel that Nathan and Gabriel will always be connected and that there is some essence of each other that will always be shared.

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